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Meet The Team

Treena Kahale
Principal / Director

Treena is the Principal and Licencee of COmplete Property Agency. She is extremely passionate about providing the highest level of care and customising solutions for every single client's individual needs. She is constantly breaking down barriers and boundaries to overcome the impossible and is known to leave no stone unturned ensuring that every single box is ticked and everyone is left smiling.

Her personalised approach is a direct result of listening to her clients' needs and designing a property solution specifically tailored to suit. Her refined negotiation skills have helped her build an impressive track record, and her active and dynamic presence in a wide range of market places has seen her consistently deliver impressive results.

Treena has achieved notable successes throughout her career selling residential homes, acreage and commercial property both on and off the market. Her mission is to ensure buyers see the full potential of any property, and her access to a wide range of local and international buyers together with the collaboration of her networks both near and far, will ensure your property is showcased to as large an audience as possible.
Sue Elliott
Berowra Waters Office

While he attempts to retire, Real Estate stalwart John Moxham still loves to work with Sue and the crew.

By heading up Complete Property Agency Berowra Waters, Sue has ensured the waterfront community still have a local figure to assist in maintaining their assets as well as maximising their property's potential.

Having lived in Berowra Waters for over 16 years and worked on waterfront properties for over 12, Sue is well-known in the region and has worked amongst the Berowra Waters Community extensively serving on the Progress Association, The Ladies Committee, as well as Director of Berowra Waters Holidays. Sue is your go to for all things Berowra Waters.

The journey people undertake when transitioning to river life can be daunting. Whether it's buyers or sellers, landlords and tenants, Sue's wealth of knowledge and gracious persona make it a smooth transition for all.

Her natural drive and passion for river life serves her well in the real estate space where the need for a riverfront property specialist is stronger than ever.

Sue’s empathetic nature and bustling personality along with her ability to accommodate the extensive demands of a standard property transaction, make her the perfect solution to keeping real estate local and attracting newcomers.

We are lucky to have Sue onboard and we look forward to watching the growth and developments in the property market in our amazing Berowra Waters as she heads up the CPABW Real Estate team with Treena, and the continued support of John Moxham.